Once you have decided to stop using the Free/busy service of Cloudiway or if your trial has ended, you will have to clean up your configuration.

G Suite interop management

Go to https://admin.google.com and go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar

Scroll down and click on Calendar interop management.
In the Settings tab:

  1. Remove value in Exchange Web Service URL
  2. Remove value in Exchange Role Account
  3. Uncheck Enable Server Version of Free Busy Sync

Click on Save.

Office 365/Exchange On-premises

Open a PowerShell console and connect to your Exchange Online/On-premises.

Run the following command to list the existing address availability spaces:

If you want to remove all, use the following command:

If you need to remove specific entries, use the command below (replace ForestName by the remote email domain you want to delete):


Under the Free/busy product on apps.cloudiway.com

Go to User List,

  1. Select all lines
  2. Click on Manage and then on Delete
  3. Click again on Delete on the confirm pop-up

Go to Connectors,

  1. Click on a connector in the left menu
  2. Click on Delete in the action bar
  3. Click again on Delete on the confirm pop-up
  4. Repeat the set 1-3 for each connector you have.

You can also close your project if you want/don’t need it any more.