You notice this warning in the file migration logs. This message means that the file won’t be migrated.

Cause 1

As the message says, the user is not owner of the file in Google Drive.
When migrating Google Drives as source, Cloudiway Migration only migrates files owned by the current user, to avoid duplicate files in OneDrive.

Cause 2

If this message appears and if the user is owner of the file in source, there is an issue in the configuration of the user.
To check if the user is owner, Cloudiway Migration must know the Firstname and Lastname of the user in Google because sometimes the email address is not exposed in the permission and Cloudiway Migration gets only the display name of a user in the permission list. Therefore, the firstname/lastname defined in the migration platform must match the firstname/lastname defined in Google.
The preprocessing task is now supposed to fix the display name automatically.