Cloudiway Migration platform supports delta migration for all kinds of data (mails, files, collaborative Google sites).
This article describes how delta migration is working when migrating Google sites.

Delta during Google sites migration

When migrating from Google sites to SharePoint Online, the Cloudiway migration stores all migrated item IDs and dates of modification internally.

The next time a migration is triggered, only the delta is migrated : Cloudiway looks up its database to verify whether the site has already been migrated.

  • If the item ID does not exist in the cache, Cloudiway migrates it.
  • If the item ID already exists in the cache, Cloudiway compares the item’s last modification date with the internal value stored : if the item’s last modification date is more recent than the value stored internally, the item is overwritten.

Special notes :

  • A migrated item is never reprocessed, delta migration is not equivalent to synchronization.
  • During delta passes, only permission changes on sites level are remigrated.
  • Deletions on the source tenant are not propagated to the target tenant during delta passes : if a user deletes an item in the site between two passes, the deleted item will remain in the target site.