The Cloudiway migration platform is designed as a migration engine, not a long-term synchronization tool (our coexistence platform may be used for long-term sharing of data between different systems).

Therefore the migration data is regularly deleted.

There are two possibilities:

  1. You choose to delete migration data at the end of your migration project

    If you wish to delete data without our assistance right after your migration, you can delete your users from the Mail User List or close your project in the Project List.

  2. The data is automatically deleted after 90 days without migration activity

    Our policy for migration data is to discard all details related to migrations inactive for at least 90 days. By inactive we mean no new item has been migrated in the last 90 days. Data older than 90 days will be automatically deleted. This is done per migration in the migration list. For example for the Mail User List: for each Mail User our cleaning agent checks that new items have been migrated in the last 90 days. If not, the data for this specific migration is discarded entirely. The Mail User disappears from the Mail User List.
    The cleaning process is performed at the beginning of each calendar month.