Cloudiway Coexistence Server enables seamless collaboration between Google Apps, Office 365 and Exchange users.
It provides interoperability between these mail platforms during your migration or for long-term coexistence.

Google Apps And Office 365 coexistence

What is the coexistence server?

Cloudiway coexistence server is a set of services that provide streamlined coexistence of your messaging systems.
They are all provided as SaaS applications; therefore, there is nothing to install or maintain on your side.

It provides:

  • address book synchronization, also called Galsync (Global Address list synchronization). Users from one messaging system are automatically created as shared contacts in the other side in order to maintain your global address lists up to date;
  • free/busy queries between Google, Office 365 and Exchange 2007 or greater. It allows users to query the the availability of external users, rooms and equipment; and,
  • mail routing platform for Office 365 to Office 365 migration where the domain can be attached to only one place at a time (see

How does it work?

  • A full SaaS application. The coexistence server is configured through a web interface. You do not need to install anything.
  • Address books are periodically and automatically synchronized.
  • Free/busy requests from Google, Office 365 or Exchange are sent to the Cloudiway Coexistence server that queries the remote systems and returns the information.
  • Office 365 or Exchange users can query the availability from Outlook or OWA without anything to install.
  • Google users query the free/busy time from their calendar view without anything to install.