What’s new

  • CALogDelete.exe : Small utility to automatically delete old logs.
  • Reporting: A report can now be automatically generated at the end of each reconciliation (and sent to the user of your choice).
  • Powershell Connector : All provisioning options can now be scripted (ie Exchange, Lync, etc…).
  • Delta pulling for LDAP target connector.
  • Database optimization for pulling a large number of accounts ( > 40 000).

Bug Fixing

  • Office 365 connector: Zombie processed now correctly cleaned up.
  • Regression in 2.13: Contacts always reprocessed at each reconciliation. Now corrected.
  • LDAP Group Synchronization: Universal groups which contains users from several domains are now correctly synchronized.
  • Log Optimization: Logs are not anymore entirely loaded into memory during startup.