There are some circumstances where the URL of a OneDrive user profile is not the standard URL derived from the user’s email address.

Usually, a OneDrive user profile is a combination of several pieces of data:

  • default prefix of the OneDrive site (for example,;
  • /personal prefix;
  • email address with extended characters replaced by underscores. For example, bob_cloudiway_com for

Following these rules, the URL profile of would be :

However, the URL of the OneDrive profile might not be built that way.
For example, if we delete and recreate bob, his URL might become
In this case will also exist but will not be the URL mapped to the profile.


Cloudiway will always try to migrate to the default  URL, if it exists.
This procedure shows how to restore the default URL profile so that the migration can take place correctly.

  • Connect to the SharePoint administration interface (for example;
  • Click on User Profiles;
  • Under “People” select “Manage User Profiles”.
    Give permissions to OneDrive
  • In the search bar, enter the username that you are looking for.
  • Once you have found your user, select the “down arrow” and select “Edit my profile”.
    Edit OneDrive profile
  • Search the personal site field and modify its value;
    Change OneDrive profile