Log tables are growing over time and might fill your database.
Cloudiway provides a small utility that automatically cleans up the logs.

CloudAnywhere ships with a utility called CADeleteLogs which is available in the installation directory of CloudAnywhere.

Syntax: CADeleteLogs.exe x (where x  is the number of days of logs that you want to keep).

How to automate the cleanup process

You have two ways to automate the cleanup process:

1. Create a daily scheduled task to run "CADeleteLogs.exe 10" if you want to keep 10 days of logs.
 2. Create a file named report.cmd and put this content in this file:

 cd C:\Program Files (x86)\cloudiway\CloudAnywhere
CADeleteLogs.exe 10

Every time the service will end up a synchronization, it will execute report.cmd.
Any commands inside report.cmd will be run after every automatic synchronization.

Note: The first time you run this command, it might time out if the log tables are too large.
We advise you to manually empty the logs before starting to use this solution:

In SQL studio manager run:
truncate table [dbo].[logging]
truncate table [dbo].[LogSync]
truncate table [dbo].[LogSyncDetails]